Some Words About Us
We have begun our journey and gained trust of customers since 2011, offering top-tier residential as a trusted contractor and developer of luxury condominium. SZBD is dedicated to provide exceptional construction and development services from interior and exterior remodeling to custom new construction, luxury condominium and detached house. Our commitment to professionalism and superb workmanship has helped us earn an outstanding reputation. Our group supervise all of our projects to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship right from the start to finish. We recognize the need for planning, sequencing, and execution during each phase of every project that we take on.
SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
Message from Chairman

Dear valuable customers, business partners, and employees, I would like to warmly greet you all “Mingalarbar.” We now live in a world, where businesses are shaped around fast-paced technological and regulatory changes, strategic decisions made through the lens of environmental sustainability, and corporate values fostered by social and civil responsibility.

Despite changes and challenges, our dream and passion to create a safe and lively place for people remains unchanged. Our goal is to create businesses of our expertise that perfectly utilizes available resources, creates efficient and sustainable businesses with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and accountability. Founded since 2011, Shwe Zabu Deik has diversified as a conglomerate of business entities operating within flagship construction and agriculture sectors. Looking forward, we have under fast development business divisions in the mining and infrastructure sectors.

We achieved our way to toady through our creative, passionate and dedicated people – where my warmest heart lies. My sincere gratitude goes to our customers and partners, without whom our business endeavors would not be brought to the next level. It is their unyielding support that allows us to propel forward, to innovate, and to deliver customer excellence. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We look forward to prospering together as a community and contributing towards a better world.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies

"Success never hits by mere chance; it is the outcome of forces working together."

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
Message from Managing Director

Our goal is to build environmentally sustainable projects, vital to the long-term success of our firm. Since 2011, Shwe Zabu Deik has evolved itself into a robust, dynamic, and forward-looking industry in the course of the last eight years. At Shwe Zabu Deik Group of Companies, we strive to uphold all the above qualities and strive to tackle tomorrow’s challenges with innovation. SZBD has invested wisely in the areas of Construction, Agriculture, Mining, and Infrastructure, complying with government policies on environment and locking in capital requirements. We have started seeing results from these investments in the form of increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, and a healthier environment.

Our corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers. As one of the most important driving forces in developing modern society, corporations have become the backbone of the communities they belong to. To build a happy and harmonious society, it is worthwhile to build happy businesses. We take at heart operating our businesses with social responsibility, sustainability, core values of happiness, ultimately to achieve our shared vision of “home.” We envision a bright future for our great nation and strive hard to achieve that vision through synergy, innovation, and hard work. We believe that focusing on quality and customer-focused management approach is necessary for our corporate culture, transparent communications and effective teamwork.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
Message from Managing Independent Advisor

Ever since the ongoing openings of businesses and foreign investments in Myanmar, Myanmar economic outlook is positive with growth projected to further accelerate to 6.7 percent in the year 2020-2021. Economic growth will be accompanied by accelerated reformed implementation, infrastructure spending, large infrastructure projects and investment in sectors undergoing liberalization such as real estate, energy, telecom, manufacturing, import and export, logistics, banking, insurance sectors and so on. According to World Bank Economic Outlook for Myanmar, Myanmar needs to invest twice as much and implement projects three times faster to meet growing demand in the power sector. Ministry of Construction of Myanmar mentioned that they will prioritize roads, bridges and urban development in the year 2018 and ongoing.

The ongoing economic transformations in Myanmar have improved the overall financial literacy within the business sphere although most of the businesses in Myanmar are family-owned and managed by a group of family members. Along with economic openings, many foreign investors and business professionals have come into Myanmar and hold education and business seminars on financial literacy, corporate governance, ethical standards etc. Nowadays, more and more public and private corporations or SMEs are adapting to international guidelines on corporate social responsibility, tax compliance and regulation, and ethical investment standards and thus intriguing to many local and foreign investors.

Having seen many positive changes within Myanmar, I am proud to stand behind Shwe Zabu Deik for its promotion of aforementioned business standards. As an independent advisor to SZBD, I have witnessed firsthand its elegant navigation through tough economic waters, all the while staying committed to socially responsible and sustainable engagements. At Shwe Zabu Deik, we emphasize on corporation’s transparency, corporate social responsibilities, proper compliance, regulations and systematic business operations on every project that we take on. We believe that the result of thousands of hands working together to build this company will in turn serve our nation in its growth and development. We give back to our community in strategic ways meant to optimize the effect we have locally. I look forward to working with SZBD and envisioning what the future holds and how it payoffs for its investments in people, process and philosophy.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
Mission, Vision & Philosophy

To be a market leader that delivers superior value, trade, and services to our internal and external stakeholders.


Our mission is to emerge as a diversified and vertically integrated conglomerate backed by our strong expertise, team and professionals in every division, whilst uplifting lives, impacting society and help-shaping the nations.


Shwe Zabu DeikGroup of companies is built on the foundation of valuing all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and accountability. These values are reflected not only by accomplishments as a corporation but also have served us in creating long-term shareholder benefits and opportunities for our employees and communities. From embracing eco-friendly and sustainable business practices to partnering and sharing expertise with local and foreign organizations, we have time and again delivered quality innovation, collaboration, and diversification on behalf of stakeholders.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority that we value, and customers are the center of our business philosophy, which is to deliver quality products and services.

Employees Safety and Career Development

We help our people achieve their full potential by nurturing an environment that promotes career development, innovation, diversity, and inclusivity. Through our local partners, our people received a wide range of health services, training, and career counseling.

Environmental Safety

We integrate environmental and social due diligence to measure and manage environmental and social risks associated with our business transactions. We believe that sustainable bottom­ line growth only comes from engaging in environmentally sustainable projects.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
Mission, Vision & Philosophy
Our Company History and Facts

We have begun our journey and gained the trust of customers since 2011, offering top-tier residental as a trusted construction and developer of luxury condominiums.

Construction & Development Process

SZBD is dedicated to providing exceptional construction and development services from interior and exterior remodeling to custom new construction, luxury condominium and detached houses.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies
CSR Activities

With our core foundation built on valuing all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and accountability, at Shwe Zabu Deik, we take a proactive stance of making sure our community as a whole is benefiting from our enterprise. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility program, we support and donate funding in education career and community development to have a positive impact and beneficial contribution back to our society.

Career Development Program

Being acknowledged the need of underprivileged adults in a rural areas of Myanmar who have limited access to quality education for further career development, we provide a career development programs to those who would like to work overseas in Japan. We hire Japanese language teachers at our costs, give free Japanese language training, career consultations, and provide financial assistants for people in Myawaddy, Dawei, and Kalay Township.

Human Capital Development Activities

We have employee training program for different divisions of SZBD Group. Our training programs ensure that the employees have the opportunity to outgrow their career path with continuous learning and enhance productivity. On the other hand, it also helps in building confidence of our employees who are in the frontline interacting with our valued customers.

Reforestation of Teak Wood and Mango Trees

We are mindful with our business activities with regard to environment and thus we take our responsibility in replanting teak wood as well as mango trees in Mogok, located in the north of Mandalay. Being a responsible company, we prioritize the sustainability of our environment and biodiversity. We plant enough to mitigate any pollution we might have caused by other business division of us and understand the importance of fostering green environment for our community and our people.

Donation of Garbage Trucks

In 2014, SZBD Group donated two garbage trucks to Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) with the motive of lessen the contamination and to sustain the clean environment across the city.