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We have begun our journey and gained trust of customers since 2011, offering top-tier residential as a trusted contractor and developer of luxury condominium. SZBD is dedicated to provide exceptional construction and development services from interior and exterior remodeling to custom new construction, luxury condominium and detached house. Our commitment to professionalism and superb workmanship has helped us earn an outstanding reputation. Our group supervise all of our projects to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship right from the start to finish. We recognize the need for planning, sequencing, and execution during each phase of every project that we take on.


In 2012, we have started teak and rubber plantation in Myitkyina and Waingmaw with the aim of becoming a sustainable rubber exporter. Previously, aggressive teak production was practiced in Myanmar on part due to lack of knowledge. At Shwe Zabu Deik, we only engage in sustainable teak production that not only benefit the bottom-line but also positively impact our environment. We aim to spread environmental awareness and to lead by the example of sustainable teak plantation and production. In 2017, we diversified our agriculture division into organic farming sector as we strongly believe a good health, together with clean environment, is vital for individuals and nation as a whole. We are honored to be part of the change where individuals are becoming more aware of the consequences of what they consume and be the company where trust is installed when it comes to providing organic food. We not only take great pride in being able to serve people of Myanmar but also plays a crucial role in positively impacting our environment. We plan to continue our dedication in spreading environmental awareness, engaging sustainable planation practice and delivering quality produces.

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Mining 3


Since 2016, we have been a leading figure in the gemstone mining industry. Despite mining industry’s reputation for being dealt with stringent safety legislation and protocols, we have time and again surpassed environmental and safety standards required by the government. Our three mining operations in Mogok Township incorporate systematic health and safety drills to protect our employees, hazardous-waste management, as well as restoration efforts for a sustainable future. We offer health and safety orientations & trainings for our miners which educate them on their health interventions and disease management. Our responsibility and supervision are to ensure that all our miners have a safe and ideal working environment.The complex nature of our mining business also allows collaboration with local government authorities on the educational and legislative front. Our partnership with said organization allow us to educate new miners with eco-friendly mining practices and supervise middle management to make prudent, law-abiding decisions.


The infrastructure landscape is evolving and is a much-needed area of investment in propelling the growth of Myanmar. Even with the tremendous changes that Myanmar experience in the past years, Myanmar is still lacking in infrastructure especially with regard to electricity and land transportation route. As we witness positive trajectory in energy consumption and transportation services within Myanmar, we plan to impact our nation through investing in such infrastructure while strongly adhering to our mission and vision of sustainable practice, satisfaction of stakeholders and valuing our employees.



Ying Family’s strong expertise at understanding customer needs and mapping them against its wide range of superior products and gives us a comprehensive edge in the marketplace. A new industrial revolution is underway with the growth of the E-commerce environment Business will change more in the next few years than they have in the previous years. E-procurement playing in a vital part in purchasing everything. Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd invested in order to furnish our servicing platform with state-of-the-art software that would enhance all our processes to deliver the best service to our clients. Since it is launched in September 2007, Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd has offered and continues to offer innovative and valuable services and commodities into Myanmar.

CSR Activities

With our core foundation built on valuing all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and accountability, at Shwe Zabu Deik, we take a proactive stance of making sure our community as a whole is benefitting from our enterprise. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility program, we support and donate funding in education, career and community development to have positive impact and beneficial contribution back to our society.